Memeo® Send is a service from Memeo, designed from the ground up for secure, assured delivery of files to anyone on the Internet. And it's so simple anyone in the office can use it without special instruction or training.

How many times have you tried to send a large attachment through email only to find the email never arrived, bounced, or that your email server is out of space? Have you ever struggled with FTP software that was confusing and difficult to use? Are you tired of time-consuming and costly CD and DVD mailings?

Memeo Send is designed to solve these and other issues while providing the same peace of mind as physical package delivery services - without the cost, hassle, and delays of burning and sending CDs.

There's no size limit. Multiple files or entire folders can be sent using Memeo Send. Plus, Memeo Send supports sending any kind of file - presentations, photos, videos, documents, graphics, CAD files, etc.
All files are sent using 256-bit SSL encryption using end-to-end links housed in SAS70 certified datacenters. Need more information? Download the Memeo Send Security Document
As files are downloaded, senders are notified by return receipt email for each recipient. The Memeo Send desktop software includes tracking capabilities where senders can review the status of all deliveries by recipient. This way you'll know who downloaded your file and when.
At just $9.95/month for unlimited usage, Memeo Send allows you to quickly and conveniently send as many files as you like. There is no charge to the recipients who receive files.